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Permanent Cosmetics, or Micropigmentation, is a cosmetic technique which employs the selective implantation of natural or cosmetic pigments into the dermal layers of the skin. This process, more selective than traditional tattooing, helps define and enhance a persons natural features.

To ensure your satisfaction, I pay close attention to the smallest of details and am always learning and improving  my technique. I make sure my clients know what to expect before, after and during the procedure, and always take your input into account.

I have always been a perfectionist, from which my clients benefit. I was lucky to be born with the gift of artistic talent. I am passionate about my art, I put everything I have into making sure the canvas (your lovely face) turns out as beautifully as possible.

Who Benefits?

Permanent make-up is for those who want more free time and less hassle with applying make-up every morning.

Permanent make-up in the form of permanent eye liner, eyebrows, lip liner and lip coloring ensures you look fresh all day, every day.

Permanent make-up is great for men and women who:

  • Suffer from vision loss
  • Have make-up allergies
  • Have brow loss from chemotherapy
  • Have unsteady hands

Is It Safe?

How long does “Permanent Makeup” last, and will it hurt?

With the daily use of a sunscreen, it can last a lifetime. It may fade after several years, however, you may choose to freshen it up after 2-3 years. Any discomfort during the procedure (which takes 1-3 hours) is minimized with the topical anesthetic Lidocain. All needles and pigments are disposable, and strict sanitation standards are adhered to.

Are there any after or side effects?

Generally, there is swelling in the treated area; this may last from two to fourty-eight hours. There may be some soreness for a few days.

Do I need to take time off from work?

Usually the procedure causes temporary swelling and redness but most people do not need to take time off from there employment. You may always schedule the procedure when you have the following day off to relax.

Can I still have an MRI scan?

Yes. The gossip about this being impossible after having permanent cosmetics is unfounded. The iron oxide particles in the pigments are much too small to be moved by Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

How do you determine what the correct shape, shade and color for me?

I was born with artistic sense so choosing the colors and shapes that suit you is easy for me. I was also trained with aesthetic rules to follow for each person. I always make sure to discuss your desired outcome and look with you so we agree on what would be the most flattering for your face before we begin. I also measure and draw on your eyebrows before so that there are no surprises

CURRENT SPECIALS listed on my Pricing page or to be updated Like my page “www.facebook.com/permanentcosmetics”.



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