Plan before for your cosmetic tattoo appointment.

Pre Procedure

Pre Procedure Instructions

It is important you adhere to these instructions to have the best outcome.

*Please avoid Ibuprofen, Fish Oil, Flax Seed 3 days prior and no alcohol the night before. If needed, Tylenol is OK. 

*If you are prescribed blood thinners, please speak with your doctor and follow their recommendations.

*For eyeliner procedure, lash extensions need to be removed 3 days prior. 

*Arrive with clean eyes and no contacts. 

*You’ll need to keep your contacts out for an additional 2 days to avoid the risk of getting an infection.

*If you are prone to swelling and or bruising and have no allergies to daisies, I highly recommend you  take Arnica Montana (pellets) available at Sprouts or Whole Foods, 3 days prior and continue until 3 days after.

How to take care of your procedure for best outcome.

Post Procedure

First, ALWAYS use a damp Q-tip to apply ointments! Never fingers! Get a coffee cup and fill it 1/2 full with ice water. Put some Q-tips and cotton balls inside. You will always be using this for the next 7 days. Obviously, make sure your hands are clean before squeezing the water out and use a different one for each eye. 

The cold will feel so good the first few days!

Your procedure is an open wound for 3 days. Please use common sense! Use sunglasses, don’t go out and garden, no exertion the next day. Just chill, relax and take care of yourself! 🤗

Use Ice Packs as necessary to reduce swelling for the next 6 – 10 hours.   No longer than 10 minutes at a time. Each time, wrap the ice pack with a paper towel or saran wrap. Apply a thick coat of Vaseline before icing or washing your hair. Sleeping slightly elevated helps reduce morning after swelling.   Wrap a satin night gown over your pillow case. Arrange your pillows so that you don’t sleep on your side the first few days.

VERY IMPORTANT- Wipe fluid firmly off brows or any other procedure that is bleeding as it forms every 30 min.  with your cotton that is soaked in ice water and then reapply Vaseline each time with your damp Q-tip and ice. When it slows, wipe every 60 min. When it stops bleeding and or oozing for 2 hours, you can stop wiping it, wipe off the Vaseline with your damp cotton pad and apply a thin coat of Vitamin A&D. This will be approximately 6 hours after your procedure.

Apply a thin coat of A & D Ointment for 7 days every 3 – 4 hours. Do not let it get dry.
I said THIN coat. The skin needs to breathe.

Do not allow any soap, sun, tanning bed or creams on your procedure for 7 days. No makeup for 5 days.

Do not allow the shower spray water hit you directly in the face for 7 days. Avoid hot steamy showers or Jacuzzi for 2 weeks. If swimming, do not put your face in the pool water for 10 days.

The sun will bleach your brows. After it is healed, putting a moisturizer with at least SPF 30 daily on your brows will help keep the color.

Do not use any tinting, curling or waxing for two weeks after the procedure.

With a lip procedure, keep lips lubricated at all times for a minimum of three weeks. Avoid greasy, salty, oily, spicy foods, heat and citrus fruits for a few days. Before brushing your teeth or eating, apply a thick coat of Vaseline. Wipe off with a damp cotton ball right after and apply A & D ointment.

To keep all procedures  lasting longer, avoid anything that exfoliates your skin, minimizes wrinkles etc., off your procedures. You don’t want to be taking layers of skin off, hello!? Common sense please. As much as I’d love to have you come back in and give me all your money, it just wouldn’t feel right, you know? 


 I have done my job and now it’s up to you, to do yours and take care of them. Yes, you will need a touch up. I highly recommend you get the one within 6 months to ensure color on top of color keeps it lasting and my work is just right. After a few year, some procedures will need a touch up to keep it fresh plus you save money so, it’s a win, win! Some medications that you may be given years later can effect the color slightly. We can always do a touch up to balance it out.

Please follow the instructions to ensure the best color retention. Please call or text me if you have any questions.

Your trust means everything to me,

Jennifer Bassi

801.633.7858  (Text is easiest)

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Referral credit for Jennifer Bassi Permanent Makeup

Referral credit for Jennifer Bassi Permanent Makeup